Seals (Caps)

The seals (or "caps") on this page are meant for closing serum vials. A septum (or stopper) is placed on the neck of the vial, a seal is placed on top, and the seal is fastened with a crimping tool.

Seals come in a variety of styles and colors. Of the kind we offer (or can sometimes get)

  • "Flip Off" style has a plastic disc on top which, when pushed away, tears open a small hole in the cap exposing the center of the septum.
  • "Center Tear off" are aluminum seals formed so the center area of the top can be pried out, exposing the septum.
  • "Total Tear Away" are aluminum seals formed so the entire cap can be torn away without requiring a decapping tool. The septum may then be removed to expose the open vial.