20mm Flip Off Crimp Seals, Light Blue

These flip off caps are intended to seal serum vials with a 20 mm crimp neck finish.

Light Blue 20 mm Flip-off seals
20mm Flip Off Crimp Seals, Light Blue
$12.99 per 100, lots (83 in stock)


These are aluminum crimp seals with plastic Flip-Off caps. They do not include or incorporate septa (stoppers).

Flipping off the plastic cap exposes the center of the underlying stopper, allowing insertion of a needle.

These are regular skirt length. They fit vials with a 3.2 mm lip height (Kimble, Wheaton, Forma Vitrum, etc) plus a lyophilization stopper.


  • Flip Off caps
  • For 20 mm crimp finish vials.
  • 7.5 mm inside depth (regular skirt length)
  • Color: light blue
  • Manufacturer unknown


  • brand: Vial Hut
  • size: 20mm
  • color: light blue
  • Modified Item: No

Condition: New.

They come in zip reclosable plastic bags of 100 (unless buying less than 100).

20mm Flip Off Crimp Seals, Light Blue

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