8mm Kebby Hand Crimper (K1), used

Kebby makes an assortment of hand crimpers and decappers for serum vials, in various sizes for the different kinds of caps. Please contact me if you are interested in a size or kind not listed.

Kebby 8mm Hand Crimper
8mm Kebby Hand Crimper (K1), used
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This is a 8mm hand crimper from Kebby Industries. It is used to apply crimp seals to vials.It is a high quality tool, carefully made of good materials. The crimp head is made of nickel plated steel and stainless steel. The handle is textured for a sure grip, and powder coated for a scratch resistant and durable finish.

Kebby crimp tools are made in the U. S. A.


  • seal size: 8mm
  • seal type: standard aluminum crimp seals


  • brand: Kebby
  • manufacturer: Kebby Industries
  • size: 8mm
  • country of origin: U.S.A.

Condition: Used.

The tool is near mint. It operates smoothly. The original box is included and is in nice condition.

8mm Kebby Hand Crimper, used

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