Wheaton 11mm E-Z Crimper for Vial Crimp Seals USED

Wheaton makes an assortment of hand crimpers and decappers for serum vials, in various sizes for the different kinds of caps. Occasionally I can find these used, so contact me if you need a size I don't have.

20mm Wheaton E-Z Crimper 225301
Wheaton 11mm E-Z Crimper for Vial Crimp Seals USED
$149.99 each, (1 in stock)


List price is about $311.

This is an 11mm hand operated crimper from Wheaton. It is used to crimp seals onto serum vials.It is a high quality tool, carefully made of good materials. The grips are sheathed in vinyl.

Wheaton crimp tools are made in the U. S. A.


  • seal size: 11mm
  • seal type: standard aluminum crimp seal


  • brand: Wheaton
  • manufacturer: Wheaton
  • model number: 225301
  • size: 11mm
  • country of origin: U.S.A.

Condition: Used. The tool is in very nice condition. There is discoloration at the tip of the lower grip.

Wheaton 11mm E-Z Crimper, used

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